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Ryazan State Medical University

Ryazan State Medical University was established in 1950. It was named after the first Nobel Laureate for medicine I. P. Pavlov, who was born and who worked in Ryazan.Today Ryazan State Medical University is one of the most prestigious medical University in Russia. Since the time of its existence, the University has earned a very high reputation both in Russia and abroad.

The University is also listed by the World Health Organization in its “Directory of World Medical Schools”. It actively cooperates with international educational and scientific organizations like the Medical University of Arizona, American Pharmaceutical Convention and many.

Prestigious international awards such as The Crystal Knight (Malta), American Golden Certificate for the International Prestige (Monte-Carlo), Gold Lion (South Africa), Havana Libre Cup from 21st century Euro union organization have been recently added to the University’s collection of awards. In 2004 The University received the prestigious “European Quality” diploma.

Today, about 5000 students from 45 regions of Russia and 40 countries of the world study at the University. University graduates are highly appreciated and are in great demand both in Russia and abroad.

Over 17 000 doctors graduated from the Ryazan StateMedical University and nowadays work in Russia and abroad.

Faculties :

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Medico-preventive Faculty
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Student Life

The University includes 56 departments, 16 academic buildings, base dental clinic, the central scientific research laboratory, consulting diagnostic policlinic, vivarium, botanic garden with the experimental ground and beeyard, sports and health camp, 4 comfortable hostels for foreign students, gyms, mini-football ground, 2 basketball courts, tennis court and other facilities. The University possesses a rich library with educational and scientific literature in foreign languages.

Foreign students take an active part in all the spheres of the University’s life and also organize their own national holidays and concerts (Indian Day, Day of Cameroon etc.) to represent their history, customs, culture, and art to teaching staff and students.