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Andijan State Medical Institute Uzbekistan

Well Wisher aims to allow the access of high-quality global medicinal education from Andijan State Medical Institute Uzbekistan at the doorstep of the aspiring MBBS students. We want the students to experience the international standards of teaching with the most advanced academics from the, best in class, skilled and expert faculty professionals.

Medicine is a crucial field and the most successful career paths across the globe, and the number of medical professionals required always remains high. The flourishing journey to becoming an elite medical professional or doctor typically begins with attaining an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery) degree. Unfortunately, there exists a radical disparity between the number of MBBS seats available and the number of applicants in India. Another factor is the high cost because of which many students dream of becoming a doctor left behind.

Andijan State Medical Institute Uzbekistan, founded in 1955, is one of the leading medical institutes and is located in one of the ancient cities of Fergana valley. This medical institute always has kept the leading position as compared to other higher education facilities of the Republic as its scientific potential is exceptionally evolving every year. The Curative Works Faculty, Physicians Faculty, and the Paediatric Faculty are the three faculties at the Andijan State Medical Institute. It is equipped with all the basic and essential prerequisites tools and techniques that are vital for the medical training process and research work on a high level.


Andijan State Medical Institute Uzbekistan provides hostel to the all foreign and Russian students which are nearby to the university and hostel are very hygienic and in terms of security very reliable. Special attention paid on all girl students’ security. Andijan State Medical Institute hostel rooms are neat and clean hostel rooms. In Andijan State Medical Institute Uzbekistan facility of Indian mess is available, healthy and delicious Indian food is available for all Indian students. Indian food in Russia is cooked with Special care of hygiene and quality.

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